Frank Xing, PhD | 邢竹天

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems and Analytics
School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Where to find: (physically) COM2-03-39, or (online) xing(ατ)  [calendar]  [curriculum vitae]


※ Dec 2023: See you in Hyderabad ;)

※ May 2023: Three undergrad students successfully defended their theses on financial text mining and algorithmic trading. Congratulations to them!

About me

I am, broadly speaking, an information scientist. I lived in Wuhan, Beijing, and Hong Kong before moving to Singapore.

I spend time teaching, thinking, and being with family.

Fun facts

※ My academic genealogy (observation from history: don't be afraid to cross over) [click here to expand].

※ My Erdös number is 3 and Davis number is 4.